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Organiser bliss

Over the years, I have owned the following PDAs. Not included are smartphones and full-blown portable computers:

  1.  Psion Organiser II
  2. Highscreen Handy Organizer (a rebranded Poqet PC)
  3. Amstrad PenPad 600
  4. Amstrad NC100 (more of a portable computer really)
  5. Palm Pilot Professional
  6. Ericsson MC12
  7. Psion 3
  8. Siemens IC35
  9. HP Jornada 720
  10. Apple Newton 120
  11. Agenda VR3
  12. Palm Tungsten
  13. Psion 5MX
  14. iPAQ something something (can't remember; did not leave an impression)
  15. Palm TX
  16. Psion netBook (ok, this is not a PDA, but I loved it and it's my list...)


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