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Good reads

I added a couple of books that I need to write to my bucket list. Here are the titles: The Tuesday I stopped liking Granola A tank called Horst Trousers that lower your IQ by 15 points Mick Jagger is the Ford Fiesta of the music industry Mediocre poems that I wrote while looking for ripe Avocados
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What Clive Sinclair taught me

I never owned Clive Sinclair's most successful invention, the Sinclair Spectrum. And I never owned the one that tainted his name, the Sinclair C5. I did own many products that fall somewhere in between: The ZX81 (with 16K, later 64K RAM expansion), the QL (double Microdrives -  yay!), and the Pocket TV.   What Sinclair products taught me was a high tolerance for crashes. When your first ever computer spontaneously reboots every 20 minutes then that is exactly how a computer is supposed to behave. What a great preparation for everything that came after. Thank you, Clive Sinclair, for many wonderful memories and hours and hours of excitement in front of a flickering b&w TV typing away on a membrane keyboard.

Nihil in YouTube novum

 If you want to write a YouTube comment you are really spoiled for choice.   1.    First (OK; that's a no-brainer) 2.      Something something major feat         Semi random celebrity "Hold my beer"   3.     How many something something do you need?         Answer "Yes" [...] 1347. Intelligent and thought provoking comment.


 Over the years, I have spent waaaay too much money on eReaders: Cybook Gen1 pro: came with multiple reading apps con: also came with an LCD screen and Windows CE Sony PRS 300 a great little device iRiver Cover Story super reflective screen, but great GUI and page button Sony PRS-T1 OK, I guess BeBook Neo came with a Wacom powered stylus Cybook Odyssey totally adequate Kindle Paperwhite nothing bad to say about the hardware Kobo Aura HD great Calibre support, but screen is prone to ghosting Pocketbook InkPad 3 great metadata handling Tolino Epos high quality hardware with subpar software Kobo Libra H2O verdict still out  


If AOL had used their marketing budget on buying their own country (e.g. Portugal) instead of blowing it on approximately 4 Trillion demo CDs, they might still be around.

ReCAPTCHA gotcha

As a rule of thumb, all images used in Googles ReCAPTCHA have to be taken with a 2002 mobile phone though a packet of butter.

Job well done

Things you don't want to hear during your weekly meeting, part 17: I just promised the customer they could have [insert unrealistic expectation here] by the end of the week.